Therein lies the truth

A person might hear about alligators swimming in sewers or ravens flying through chimneys to steal water and think they have entered another dimension. Instead, they have entered into a world of myths. Early on in Introduction to Mythology, readers learn that myths are stories loosely based on some truths. They often contain deep-rooted values of the culture that originated the story. Many of these stories are told generation after generation because there are usually parts that people can relate to in their own lives. Myths seem to exist because people love a good mystery, and there is always a hint of truth. Real or not, myths are necessary for our lives because they allow us to believe in things more significant than ourselves.  People have been told fairytales for as long as they can remember, and having a myth that they can relate to makes the history of the story more powerful. People also exhibit the desire to make everything about themselves; for instance, “Everyone who tells a story changes it, making it conform more or less to her or his world view” (Thury 23). Tailoring a myth to personal views seems to add weight to it. In chapter one, we learn that the alligator in the sewer is a story that plays on people’s fears. Many other stories give credit or validation to a culture or religion. Some myths are passed along for the simple reason of discussing things that generally would not be appropriate to discuss, like the old man coyote who sleeps with his mother-in-law. The motivation of the myth is where the truth lies. Mythology also plays a part in many professions, and some such examples are archeology, science, and psychology. Most of the time, if a myth is viewed through scientific eyes, the untruths will be revealed. Many people say that science does not lie, but others might say the following, “if these views are understood in the context of what is known at the time, they may well provide us with insights into the science of the time that may be useful to our own science as well” (9). Many myths told throughout time involve heroes, and people love a good hero story. Heroes give human beings confidence that there is the hope of rescue if need be. Heroes give everyone something to aspire to in life

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