Fear is free, Your ignorance is costly

You don’t need to love politics or even follow them closely to see how broken our nation currently is. There is a clear division of either love or hate for our current President, Donald Trump. I am not a fan of Trump personally, but even I disagree that Trump has created the current level of racial tension. Trump might be a racist, but racism does not begin with Trump. Racism has always been around, and while we are quick to aid other countries against genocide, we overlook our own. The slave trade has been illegal in most territories since 1807; however, abolition did not occur until 1865. Unfortunately, minorities are still treated less than equal and continue to live in fear of repercussions for their uniqueness.

In 1877 congress passes a law that allowed Native American land to be taken away and sold to non-natives. Native Americans are finally considered US citizens in 1969, which is ridiculous since they were here first. The Genocide of American Indians began with the introduction of disease and alcohol which still affects their families today. Genocide doesn’t mean the immediate destruction or eradication of a nation or people. Instead, it is a coordinated plan of various actions that has the end goal of destroying the foundations of life for certain groups. When you truly understand what Genocide means, it is easy to see that it exists all around us.

As a nation, we must find a cure for the fear and hatred that is rampant amongst our minorities. Every time a racist act is committed, we stick a bandaid on it, hoping it will go away. Although many feel regret for the atrocities of the past, just as many believe they should get over it. Ignorance and fear play a huge part in so many people’s lives while they place blame on their ancestors. With all of the resources available to us we should not only educate ourselves but learn to communicate effectively with one another. What Trump and his ramblings have done is make people feel comfortable enough to voice their racist thoughts and feelings. These thoughts have always been there, but with social media so prevalent it appears in our face more often. We are now a nation where mass shootings police shootings are a common occurrence. Many of us are bullies raising new generations of bullies while we preach about breaking the cycle. Someone has to start breaking the cycle, and it might as well be us!

Instead of perpetuating the stereotype by sharing fake articles and memes, we should come together and find an actual solution to our problems. Stop passing the blame because we each play a small part in this huge production. Although I use two common examples in the paragraphs above, there are many nationalities affected by the ongoing genocide in our nation. I hope that we can find a solution instead of a quick fix to the hurt that we have allowed upon our fellow humans.

Kelly Blake (Kasper) October 2019


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