Your Instructional video

Instructional videos help companies guide their customers through complicated situations with simple and informed visuals. They provide knowledge of a product or its working method to clients in an interactive, effective, and engaging way.

Instructional videos are detailed and give step by step instructions to teach something while making learning more effective. They are meant to teach, describe, or demonstrate something, in particular, to resolve an issue or achieve an outcome.

Aren’t we all real-life instructional videos? We are the past and the present, and we should realize that the younger generation are waiting for instructions. We must be aware of the things that we show them. Our choices are a template for their future. Children are mirrors, reflecting images of what happens around them. When will we finally decide to be the example that children need? Everything that we say see or do influences the children in our lives. The children are the future and we should act accordingly. What do we hope for them to learn and what do we want them to be?  

~Kelly Kasper 2019

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