Disruption of Darkness

As Jolena shoves her tattered suitcase into her truck, she still can’t believe she is going back home. Jolena is from a sparsely populated village called Blackbell in northern Oregon. Blackbell has a mythical atmosphere with its yew wood rooftops, slate tile walls, and enchanting wildlife. It is located west of Salem, tucked neatly into the base of the mountains. The main attraction is the church, which was built over a hundred years in the past by the original witches. Jolena had moved away several years earlier to pursue her dreams, never believing she would return. Both her parents had passed away, but Ivy was still there. Ivy was the unfortunate result of an affair between Jolena’s mother Irene and the local magistrate, Judge Finn Clark. Irene was a very impressive witch that was known to dabble in black magic from time to time. Irene inherited a small shop that contained all her family’s spells which in the wrong hands, could prove disastrous. Irene left Ivy in command when she died because she is the logical and responsible one. Jolena herself is humorous, whimsical, energetic and perhaps a little too immature. All these attributes quite easily contributed to her leaving home, but there’s more to her than meets the eye. As Jolena drives through the countryside, she reflects on her life in Blackbell. Growing up the church sheltered her, but she was knowledgeable enough to know that there was more out there than what Blackbell offered.

The nineteen-hour drive from California is long and arduous. Even though she isn’t overjoyed about returning to Blackbell, she is happy to see the village lights illuminating in the distance. As Jolena approaches Blackbell, it seems both terrifying and inviting. She quickly heads towards her childhood home and from the outside, it looks old, but inside it was cozy and wonderful. As she trudges up the overused wooden steps, she feels the exhaustion envelop her. Without turning a light on, she drops her suitcase on the floor and promptly heads towards her old bedroom. Her sleep is disrupted by a nightmare involving a frenetic canine chasing her through the woods. Every time it was upon her, ready to tear into her tender flesh, she would awaken. She rolls out of bed and decides to brew herself some coffee. She could see rays of light shining through the thick well-worn curtains as she made her way down the hallway to the kitchen. Once the coffee was done, she took it into the sitting room in front of the house. Jolena glances around the room and notices several things out of place. She is beginning to feel that there is more going on here than the Judge is telling her. She would need to talk to him soon, but first, she wants to finish her coffee and have a shower. The judge lives in the largest house in Blackbell, strategically located near the center of the village. As she walks up to the large stone steps of his home, she can feel the hair on the back of her neck stand up. There was always something about him that she didn’t like. Once inside she sits on the oversized chair in the corner of the parlor. He begins to tell her what she had already figured out, he hasn’t been completely honest.

Finn tells her that for hundreds of years werewolves and witches have lived amicably side by side in Blackbell. He continues to tell her that Ivy was conceived to bring both bloodlines together and create an impressive hybrid called a Lycitch. He believes that his son Jacob is responsible for Ivy’s disappearance because he is against the merge. Finn tells her that she is the only one that can save Ivy and the future of their people. Jolena descends from the strongest and most powerful witch family in Oregon, so she had no doubt she will ultimately defeat him. In two days, the full moon will transform Jacob into his wolf form, and he will kill Ivy. Finn tells Jolena that Jacob will be in the darkest and thickest corner of the forest. The forest is huge, foggy, and verdant. Its canopy of rhododendron, spruce, and birch only allow for short beams of light to descend to the boulder covered grounds below. Beastly noises caused by prowling animals, echo in the air and drown out the raging river currents crashing against boulders. It is a common misconception that witches can’t cross water which is probably why Jacob chose that location. Jolena would have to be strong and swift, killing him if necessary. She didn’t have much time, so she would enter the thick woods just after the sunset. She makes her way through the forest until she sees a cabin just on the other side of the stream. As she slowly creeps closer, she notices Jacob’s short chunky body hunched over on the porch. Two broad arms hang at his sides and end in large hands, thin fingers, and long nails. His legs are muscular and large pointy ears sit on each side of his head, which is covered in very long hair. Jacob bolts towards Jolena, his four legs awkwardly carry his wicked body forward as he claws through her shoulder. She is prepared in a way he never expected, and she knew now she would have to kill him. Jolena spins around to face Jacob and proudly displays the silver blades on each hand. As he lunges towards her for a second time, she swiftly rips through his neck simultaneously stabbing his heart. She quickly enters the cabin only to discover Ivy’s mutilated body crumpled up on the wooden floor. She is too late; Jacob killed her minutes before she arrived. Jolena knows now that the future of her people is in her hands and she must do everything possible to disrupt the darkness of the wolves.  

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