Pembrook Pines


Leyla Wolf has lived in the same cozy wood covered house all her life. The roof is slanted to one side and is covered with wood shingles. Two small chimneys sit at either side of the house. She is a direct descendant of the towns founding family. It’s not hard to describe a person like Leyla. There’s something charming about her, perhaps it’s her sense of humor or perhaps it’s simply a feeling of hospitality. But nonetheless, people tend to flock towards her, while wishing they were more like her. She’s crafty, skillful and impulsive which isn’t out of the ordinary for someone with her gruesome past. Leyla lost her parents when they left on a hunting trip several years ago and never returned. Powerless to change the past, she now works tracking the people who wish to destroy her family bloodline. Leyla always returned home breathless and bloody. She could hear her heart pounding over her own heavy footsteps as she ran through the thick moss-covered forest. Throughout the years she had found various pieces of tattered clothing that she knew belonged to her parents. Leyla envisioned the last moments of their lives as she held the tattered material in her hands. Her family was once the top of the food chain but as generations passed the bloodline has become weaker. Leyla knew it was up to her to preserve what she could before it was too late. She knew she was the last of her family, but she was not the last of her kind. Each night she would head into the woods to hunt her enemies with ferocious enthusiasm. There was always something dark and sinister waiting for her in those woods. Something that would eventually hold her accountable for all her family’s sins.
Kelly Kasper 2018

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