Where do they go?

When you give them away, do you know where they go?

Do you know who might touch them? and in what kind of way?

Will they know where they’ve come from? or know their birth name?

Do you think they’ll be cherished? and loved everyday?

When they hurt will you feel it? as if it’s your own

If they cry will you hear them? and tell them it’s okay

If their heart is unhappy do you think you would know?

Maybe one day they’ll see you, and then what will you say?

I did it for you, it was all for the best

You deserved a better life and a much better chance

Maybe they’ll forgive you and accept you again

Even though you sent them away to an unhappy place

Did you know they were beaten? and often unfed?

While your life was easier, theirs was so sad

Could you feel all the sadness? locked in that dark room

While asleep in your own home, the floor was their bed

If you knew all these things, would you do it again?

Would you give them away? or keep them instead

There was so much hurt, things you couldn’t have known

So never give them away, you don’t know where they’ll go


Kelly Kasper-Blake 2001

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