The Seedling

  1. a young plant, especially one raised from seed and not from a cutting.
    Once the seed is planted it begins to grow. Seeds require attention and sustenance in order to thrive. Is this also not the case with our children? The seed is planted and with proper care and nourishment it develops into a seedling. But the seedlings journey doesn’t end there. It must be planted in nutrient rich soil and continued to receive sustenance and attention. If you place the seedling in a dark corner and do not encourage growth with nutrients it will not flourish. If neglected it will wilt and begin to shrivel.
    Children also require nutrients and knowledge in order to thrive. Allowing a child to live in poor soil, searching for ways to survive on their own leads to poor choices and bad habits. Throughout my Blog I will discuss many subjects rooted in abuse, neglect, labels, adoption, juvenile delinquency and living with disorders. These subjects are quite common but often difficult for people to talk about. Let’s Learn, Share, Grow and Heal together.
    Kasper (April 2017)

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