Come Join Me For Coffee

Hello! Thank you for joining me as I drink my coffee. My name is Kelly but I often refer to myself as Kasper. I will delve into that subject from time to time. I am married to a very unique, sometimes difficult man (aren’t most) who just happens to be part Transformer (he’s a quadriplegic). I gave birth to three children and now have a beautiful Granddaughter who I love to obsess about. I have Blogged from time to time, but this is my first blog on this particular platform. Please, stay with me and Look Back and sometimes Forward into the world of “kasper”. My thoughts are sometimes Chaotic but they always have a point. I also enjoy Poetry so I will toss a gem in every now and again. So sit back and sip your coffee and meet me right back here from time to time. I enjoy a strong cup of coffee with cream and sugar.

yours sincerely,

Kelly Blake (PettySwap) AKA Kasper (March 2017)


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